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Life in the UK

Arranging a move to the UK for people arriving from Ukraine.


Benefits and financial support in the UK.

In order to check what kind of support from the state (benefits) you can recieve, follow the link​ Check benefits and financial support you can get - GOV.UK (

The most relevant for Ukrainians are the following benefits.

1. Universal Credit.

If you do not work and do not have savings, you can apply for social assistance – Universal Credit.

Were you unfairly sanctioned claiming Universal Credit? Get in touch with Central England Law Centre: .

2. Child benefit.

If you are responsible for a child under the age of 16 (up to 20 years old, if the child continues to study), then you are entitled to apply for this payment from the state.  Only one person can get help per child. This benefit is paid every 4 weeks. To apply for help, you need to fill out a special form online and then print it out, or request this form from a Job Center employee who works with you. Additionally ask a Job Centre employee to certify a copy of your documents that you will need to send along with the completed form to the child support department (which documents are indicated in the form). The address where you need to send the completed form and a copy of your documents is written on the form.

3. Application for free school meals.

If you get Universal Credit, then your child is entitled to free meals at school. Details Free school meals | Birmingham City Council

4. Help if you have a disabled child.

If you have a disabled child, you can get help from your local council. In Birmingham, it's Help if you have a disabled child: Overview - GOV.UK ( Additional information is here Local Offer Birmingham | SEND Advice, support and Information

5. Pension credit.

If you are 66 years old or older, you are eligible for a Pension Credit. A retirement loan gives you extra money to help with living expenses if you have reached state retirement age and have a low income. A retirement loan can also help with housing costs such as land rent or maintenance fees.

6. The housing component of the Universal Loan.

If you are not working, or you have a low income, you can apply for housing component. You can generate this through the personal account of the Universal Loan, the tab "Change of circumstances".

7. Financial support from Birmingham City Council for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Birmingham under a scheme "Home for Ukraine" - Move-On Grant.

This is a lump sum payment from the Birmingham City Council for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Birmingham under a scheme «Home for Ukraine». Details How to rent in UK | Moseley for Ukraine or Homes for Ukraine – move on funding | Birmingham City Council

8. Council Tax Reduction.

You can get local council housing tax cuts if you have low income or get benefits. Details for those residing in Birmingham are here.

Here is a list of all the benefits that can be issued in the UK depending on your life circumstances.

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