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Art Therapy


12 June 2023 Moseley for Ukraine together with psychologist Olena Barannik launches a new group of Art Therapy.

Classes will be held at Moseley Exchange every Monday from 16.00 to 18.00, free of charge for Ukrainians.

                                for the Art Therapy group.

Art therapy is creativity that heals.

Art therapy is a way of self-knowledge through participation in the process of creativity.

To participate in a group, it is absolutely not necessary to be able to draw! The process itself is important. Freedom of creativity without evaluation and criticism is important.

This is your own way of expressing your psycho-emotional state through colour and image.

Who is this method for?

The main attention in Art therapy is paid to the development of the individual's ability to self-knowledge, self-expression, harmonization of psycho-emotional state. In this regard, Art therapy successfully helps people of different ages, professions and fields of activity in solving personal (relationship problems, attitudes towards themselves, personal and career growth), professional (creating a joyful, psychologically comfortable environment in the team, overcoming and preventing emotional burnout), family and other problems. 

It is important to note that the ability to draw is not necessary to participate in a group.

Art therapy is aimed at self-expression and self-knowledge through the creative process, rather than achieving artistic skills. The main thing in Art therapy is the process of creativity itself, as well as freedom of expression without evaluation and criticism.

Unique factors of action in art therapy:

1. The factor of artistic expression.

Being engaged in any kind of creativity, a person experiences a state of artistic expression, as a result of which internal clamps are removed and energy is redirected into socially acceptable forms of expression. This contributes to the healing of a person from accumulated tension and anxiety, careful self-exploration of the inner world and, as a result, the release of productive creative energy for life, work, educational activities, personal development.

2. The factor of psychotherapeutic relationships.

Art therapy involves a triad: client, art therapist, visual activity. The creative activity of the client (who participates in the group) is organized and directed by the art therapist, who selects the best, most appropriate tasks for each person.

3. Interpretation and feedback factor.

It is not enough to portray anything. Any creative product, sign, symbol and image created in the process of art therapy activity must be realized and understood by the psyche, which is very difficult to do on your own. Analysis and interpretation of creative activity with the help of an art therapist allow us to understand the deep content of the picture, psychological characteristics (internal experiences, unconscious needs, peculiarities of response in different life circumstances) and the possibilities of personal transformation.

Basic principles of Art therapy in the group.

The form of work in the art therapy group is based on the theory of psychoanalysis. Sessions include both individual and group artistic activities, as well as the use of various methods of art therapy. Each meeting is an acquaintance with a new art therapeutic method: spontaneous drawing, modelling, collage, colour therapy, landscape art therapy, music therapy, fairytale therapy, mandalotherapy, projective techniques, meditations. 

The Art Therapy course consists of 5 modules, each of which includes 4 group meetings. The duration of one meeting is 2 hours (2 sessions of 50 minutes each with a coffee break), held once a week on Mondays from 16.00 to 18.00 at Moseley Exchange.

Self-expression through creativity:

Art therapy provides an opportunity to express one's psycho-emotional states, thoughts and feelings through colors, shapes and images. Creativity helps to feel the state of artistic expression, which helps to remove internal constraints and redirect energy into socially acceptable forms of expression. This process helps to release internal conflicts and traumatic experiences, helps restore emotional balance and harmony, as well as use creative energy for development and self-realization.

Psychotherapeutic relationships: Art therapy involves interaction between group members, the art therapist and the creative process. The art therapist provides support and guidance to participants to find the most appropriate tasks and directs creative activity to achieve psychological healing. Considering their individual needs and tasks.

Interpretation and feedback: Creative products created during art therapy are amenable to analysis and interpretation by an art therapist. This process helps to reveal the deep meaning of the picture, understand the inner experiences and needs of group members, and also contributes to personal transformation.

The art therapy group offers the following form of work.

Introduction and preparation for creativity: before the session, participants receive water information and prepare for creative activity.

The main part: each participant is engaged in creativity on a given topic. This can be drawing, modeling, collage, the use of colors, or other art therapeutic methods.

Concluding part: includes discussion of created works, discussions and brief summarizing of the session.

Working in an art therapy group provides participants with the following opportunities.

  • Restoring self-esteem and self-belief

  • Working through internal psychological problems and own traumatic experiences 

  • Active exploration of own behavioural patterns and correction through group feedback

  • Identification and development of the hidden potential of the individual

  • Open and free communication skills

  • Understanding in creating sincere and trusting relationships 

  • Increased confidence in social life

  • Understanding and facilitating the adaptation period in a new country

  • Ability to find a solution to an important problem

  • Quick tangible results from group art therapy

  • Stress prevention, psychophysical and emotional relaxation 

  • Feeling of belonging to a community that provides a sense of support.

Olena Barannik - analytical psychologist, group therapist, art psychotherapist.

"Creativity is the moment of creating the future in the present."

Member of the UGR IAAP.  

General psychotherapeutic experience as a specialist is 12 years.
Olena has a diploma of a specialist in practical psychology, also received additional education in the direction: "Group Psychoanalysis" of the USP (2013 - 2018); "Art - psychotherapy" USP; Lecture-practical, supervision course: "Analytical psychology and fundamentals of modern psychoanalysis" (2017 – 2020) UGR IAAP; Course "Working with Trauma in a Jungian Approach" (2022-2023) UAR IAAP; Course "Modern models of crisis counselling" (2022).

"My knowledge, skills and experience combined with professional ethics allow me to achieve positive results in working with groups and in individual analytical practice with clients. My goal is to help you achieve harmony, self-realization and a stable psycho-emotional state.

I work in the direction of analytical psychology.

Analytical psychology, developed by Carl Gustav Jung, is a deep psychological approach that explores not only the conscious aspects of the psyche, but also its unconscious aspects, archetypes and symbolism. This approach offers a deep understanding of the human psyche and personal development through the study of the collective unconscious, archetypes, mythology and dreams.

In the work of the Art Therapy Group, I combine an analytical approach with a creative process, creating a safe and relaxed environment for the development of the participants' personality. Revealing the symbolism and metaphors expressed through art, we can plunge into the world of the inner "I" and reveal its potential.

One of my specialized areas of analytical psychologist is working with dreams. I use analytical techniques to uncover the unconscious processes contained in dreams. Also, thanks to my experience in a group analytical approach, I create a safe space for participants where everyone can freely express their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Together, we explore deep processes, conflicts, and relationships that help you better understand yourself and those around you.

I invite you to participate in the Art Therapy Group, where you can deepen your understanding of yourself, discover new ways of self-expression and find an individual way to solve your needs. Whether you are looking for creativity, resolution of internal conflicts or support in difficult life circumstances, I am ready to accompany you on your personal path to healing, understanding yourself and self-realization".

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