Past events


Participation in the Moseley Festival

 The Moseley Festival took place on 16.07.2022. All items for sale have been handmade and all funds went directly to charities supporting Ukraine. We raised an astronomical £1021 for Ukraine! Special thanks to Stella and Viktoria for being the head organisers, manufacturers and promoters of this event!


Humanitarian aid

The first collection of donations was organised in response to the invasion of Ukraine in March 2022. Due to unprecedented public response and support, a significant amount of priority items was collected.   A 40ft container lorry was sent to St Jadwiga Foundation in Wroclaw, Poland where it was later transported to Lviv to be distributed to other parts of Ukraine. Further 14 pallets of supplies were donated to Oackland International who send regular transport of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and 13 pallets of donations passed on to Support Ukraine Hub, London who again delivered it to Ukraine.


Since then we continued to support Ukraine with humanitarian aid and sent two further transports - To Kharkov and Kyiv.

We are due to organise our last transport of humanitarian aid and we are currently in discussions with a charity in Dniepr.

With heavy heart we made a decision we will no longer collect Humanitarian Aid, however we will aim to support Ukraine as and when we can in other ways.