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Available entertainments for your kids and family in Moseley and Birmingham.​

  1. Visit Birmingham, is a site where you can find entertainment in Birmingham for both your child and the whole family.

  2. Bring it on Brum!​ Bring it on Brum! it is a Department of Education-funded programme designed for families in Birmingham to help children, young people and their parents have a full, active, fun and healthy school vacation.

  3. Hickory Dickory play centre in Kings Heats, 

  4. Children's golf group at Moseley Golf Club  

  5. Free activities for children The Active Wellbeing Society,

  6. Register your child at your local library to access books and free activities

  7. Scout Club for Girls 

  8. Development of children under 6 years old in the lap of nature Lottile Land,

  9. Art Centre MAC, 

  10. Moseley Tennis Club, 

  11. Swimming pool for children and adults Moseley Road Bath,

  12. Thinktank Science Museum,

  13. Legoland in Birmingham

  14. Dance groups and classes in Birmingham

  15. Andrew Simpson Centres Water Sports 

  16. Karting,

  17. Sea Life Centre for Marine Life, 

  18. Everyone Active, a network of sports centres that provides Ukrainian refugees with free access to clubs for 12 months until August 31, 2023. To confirm your status, you can provide a BRP or travel permit. 

  19. Better Leisure, are leisure centres in England and Wales. Provide 6 months of free membership for refugees.


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