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Looking for jobs


In order to work in the UK, you will need a National Insurance Number (NIN) and your BRP card (within 6 months of starting employment)


If you are registered with your local Job Centre you will be supported with your job search. Some of the other support Job Centre can offer are:

  • Advanced payment whilst you wait for your first Universal Credit payment (request it during your initial appointment)

  • Support with writing a CV aligned with English standards

  • Travel fair to attend your job interview

  • Funds for purchasing an outfit for your job interview

  • Help to convert your qualifications to UK equivalent

  • Help with travel costs during the first 2 weeks of your employment

  • You can also bring original birth certificates to be photocopied and verified if you are anxious about sending the original forms when applying for Child Benefit


Please remember in the UK you don’t attach your picture to the CV.


  • Other popular job sites are:


You can also contact some of the employment agencies directly, some of them (based in Birmingham) are:

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