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Volonteering in England.

Volunteering in the UK is considered something that you do for free for the benefit of an individual or community. Volunteer activities are not paid for, but you can get a refund for travel expenses, meals, child care expenses, etc. that are also directly related to volunteer activities.

Who can become a volunteer:

Anyone can become a volunteer. A large percentage of people living in the UK volunteer to support communities and projects at some stage of their lives. No matter what your status is: asylum seeker, refugee or otherwise, you can become a volunteer.

The amount of time you devote to volunteering depends on your desire, capabilities, and agreement with the person or organization you are helping.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

- Volunteering helps to improve the quality of life and well-being. You enjoy what you do.

- You may be offered free training for your volunteer position. You can specify the experience gained in your CV.

- You may be offered a permanent job.

- You will be able to improve your English level.

- You can become part of a team that helps your community.

- You can make new friends and adapt to life in England faster.

How volunteering affects Universal Credit.

If you get Universal Credit, then you have a commitment to look for a job a certain number of hours per week. If volunteering can potentially help you find a permanent job in the UK, then volunteering can be considered a job search. You need to agree it with your Job Coach. You can spend up to half your time volunteering if your coach agrees on it. Learn more How volunteering affects your benefits - overview - Citizens Advice.

How to find a volunteer position:

- Go to "volunteer near me" in the search engine.

- Advertising in a charity chop

- Job fairs

- Advertising in a Facebook group, or in App Nextdoor

- Resources for finding volunteer work:

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