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Supporting organizations

1. RMC (Refugee and Migrant Centre) - Центр для Біженців та Мігрантів.

RMC is a consulting Centre for the Homes for Ukraine project.

The organization provides intensive support to Ukrainians who came to Birmingham under the "Homes for Ukraine" scheme and their sponsors.

RMC contacts:

0121 314 5037

Block 2, 57 Frederick Street, Jewellery quarter, Birmingham, B1 3HN.

2. Spring Housing Association (SHA).

SHA is a housing charity that provides assistance in finding housing for those who need it.

SHA provides the following services:

  • organization of weekly meetings and presentations on housing issues 

  • providing recommendations and support for managing utility bills

  • assistance in obtaining additional housing subsidies (DHP)


Spring Housing Association contacts.

0121 663 1443

16 Commercial Street, Birmingham, B1 1R.

3. Sitizens Advice Bureau (SAB).

This charity and a network of local charities offer confidential advice online, over the phone, and in person for free.

SAB advises on receiving benefits, housing issues, legal and other issues.

Citizen Advice Bureau contacts.

034 4477 1010

Gazette Building, 168 Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6TF.

4. Anawim.

Anawim is a women's Support Center in Birmingham.

The Anawim centre helps women cope with the complex challenges they face and supports them for as long as women need it.
Anawim empowers women to make positive changes in their lives by helping them become independent step by step.

"We want the best for our women and make sure that their basic needs are met. We will not rest until we do everything possible to ensure their safety," Anawim said.

You can contact the Anawim Centre for help with the following problems (and more):
- financial difficulties
- psychological problems
- sexual / psychological violence
- housing problems
- and others

The Anawim centre conducts various sessions for women to help them be more confident in themselves.

Anawim contacts.

0121 440 5296

Balsall Heath centre
228 Mary Street, Balsall Heath,
Birmingham, B12 9RJ

For more information about supporting organizations in Birmingham, please visit the Migrant Advice Portal: West Midlands

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