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How to write successful resume and cover letter.

Useful tips for writing a CV and cover letter.

Writing a high-quality CV and cover letter are very important steps in your job search. These documents are the first impression you make on a potential employer, so their quality and correctness play an important role in your success.

1.       CV is a compact document that contains basic information about you and your achievements.

Basic steps when writing CV:

·       Personalize it for each specific vacancy, pay attention to the employer's requirements.

·       Do not include your full address, date and place of birth or photo on your resume, or mention your refugee status or any information about your right to work (BRP). All these elements can lead to discrimination on the part of employers.

·       Indicate your education, practical skills, and work experience related to the vacancy to show the potential employer what you are best versed in.

·       Key skills should be broken down into a few bullet points that highlight your most relevant or strongest skills. If you were applying for administration jobs, for example, you would want this list to showcase your computer skills, communication skills, and ability to work under pressure.

·       Add information: about completed trainings; your hobbies; languages you speak; reviews from colleagues you have worked with before.

·       Use a clear and concise style, avoid grammatical errors.

·       Highlight your achievements in previous jobs.

2. The Cover Letter allows you to purposefully direct the employer's attention to your strengths and explain why you meet the job requirements.:

·       Start with a personal contact, indicate your interest in the company and position.

·       Describe in detail why you think your skills and experience meet the requirements.

·       Highlight achievements and projects that demonstrate your ability to achieve results.

·       End the letter politely with the hope of further cooperation.

It is also important to use a professional tone, follow grammar and spelling rules, and check documents for errors before sending them.

We wish you success in your job search!


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