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New ESOL course for Work from June 26.

Who this course is aimed at:

For people in receipt of Universal Credit.

This inspiring, motivational and confidence building employability and ESOL provision is aimed to meet the language support needs for non-English speakers from Birmingham and Solihull.

Aims of the course are:

The aim of this conversational language provision is to have a tailored intensive employability support package to increase the confidence of our ESOL customers in helping them to move forward and into employment.

· Start Dates: 27/06/23 & 18/07/2023

· 4 Days per week x 6 weeks: 10 am until 2 pm – Tuesday to Friday

· Contract: ESOLU_23 BS011 Birmingham

· Online via Zoom

· Text / Phone Call from ESOL Co-ordinator, Karen – number ending *9577

Content of the Provision:

ESOL Language Support and Community Integration: Using relevant and engaging online materials including English My Way (English Language Skills) - All About Me (including UK qualification equivalents)/ Daily Life / Out and About / Shopping / Where I Live / Accessing Local Services (community integration) / Me and My Child’s School / Next Steps to Work (first 15 sessions)

ESOL for Work Language Skills & Job Seeking Support (last 9 sessions):

  • IT Skills – using Learn My Way and Make It Click

  • Development of CV

  • Covering letter/email preparation

  • Interview and mock interview skills

  • Job applications for real jobs (working with the DWP Employer Adviser Team)

  • Assistance in registering for suitable training, work experience and volunteering to prepare for the world of work

  • Local labour market

  • UK Rights, entitlements, and responsibilities of work

On completion participants will be able to:

By the end of the provision, learners will have more confidence in using the English language and be able to job search more effectively, fully engaging in the Post Covid changing Labour market. Moving into and towards work/training with an increased sense of confidence and motivation.

To make a referral: please speak to your work coach at your jobcentre.

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