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Useful sites, apps, and activities for Learning English.

These sites, apps, and activities will help you improve your English language skills.

1.           BBC learning English.

BBC is a resource where you will find a lot of useful information: grammar, pronunciation, dictionary, podcasts, business English, English for children. You can also use this resource to test your English language level.

2.           BBC Sounds.

A resource for people who know English well and want to improve it. On the resource you will find: online radio stations, podcasts, news, weather forecast, and more.

3.           English for you.

A great resource for people with any level of English and even for beginners.

4.           Promova.

A program for online language learning tailored to the needs of the student. You can download the app, identify your person using the Ukrainian app " Diya" and get free premium access to language learning (download the app, register, go to the" Profile "section and pass identification for Ukrainians using the app"Diya"). If you want, you can learn different languages at the same time.

5.           Lingualeo.

Free option to learn English online. Learning in the game, based on popular materials, a personal training program for each student.

6.           TED.

A useful resource both for improving the English language and for expanding knowledge in various fields: business, science, technology, and so on.

7.           Duolingo.

A free, fun and effective way to learn a language.


Moseley for Ukraine also provides a free opportunity for every Ukrainian living in Birmingham to learn English, namely:

·       English with John, every Tuesday at Moseley Hive (B13 8DD, 93 Alcester Rd, Birmingham Moseley)

o   from 10.00 to 12.00 – lessons for beginners (elementary)

o   from 13.00 to 15.00 - intermediate level and above (elementary-intermediate+).

·       Conversation Club Tea&Talk, every Thursday at 17.00 in Moseley Hive (B13 8DD, 93 Alcester Rd, Birmingham Moseley).

This is a great opportunity to improve your level of spoken English in the Pleasant Company of British volunteers over a cup of fragrant tea. Within the framework of the club, you will have the opportunity to communicate on any topics that interest you, learn about the habits and customs of the British, the history of cities and countries, and make new friends. You can learn many English idioms, stable expressions, and ask about new words and their use.

·       Walk & Talk English with John, every Friday in various locations in Birmingham and beyond (these meetings John reports weekly on the Facebook page "John & Rebecca'S ESOL page").

These are informal meetings of Ukrainians with John in different, interesting places. During these meetings, John will tell you a lot of interesting things about historical places and events, which will help to quickly improve your level of spoken English and diversify your leisure time.


Have a productive learning experience!

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