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Launch of a new Art Therapy group.

Moseley for Ukraine together with psychologist Olena Barannik launch a new group of Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is a group session with a psychologist, where with the help of drawing, sculpting, music and other techniques you can solve various psychological issues and have a good time for the benefit of yourself.

Olena Barannik is Ukrainian analytical-oriented psychologist, group therapist, art psychotherapist. Experience in psychology for more than 10 years. Olena has been cooperating with Moseley for Ukraine since 2022, during this period she completed an Art Therapy course with a group of Ukrainian women.

Place and day of classes: Moseley Exchange, B13 8JP.

Classes will be held every Monday, starting June 12 from 16 to 18 hours. The duration of the lesson is 2 hours.

Classes will be held free of charge and only for Ukrainians.

If you want to take a course of group Art Therapy, but hesitate about any questions, come to Moseley for Ukraine on June 7 for a weekly meeting and you will have a great opportunity to talk to Olena Barannik at 12.00.

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